Monday, September 20, 2010

We are taught to count from 1 through 10 in our first lesson in mathematics, later we are told that these numbers increase progressively & they are non equal, well what if I show using some more techniques learnt later in my sojourn in mathematics that this is untrue, does it mean we have been living a lie? & all these so-called mathematical proof to explain inventions & innovations such as the internet & bluetooth technology is just mumbo jumbo to blind our eyed from the fact that its JAZZ, oyinbo JAZZ. Well I don't have proof yet but this is a start cos if the "=" is a lie, then all of mathematics might just be a lie, or maybe its just me screwing with your heads, I'm a big fan of conspiracy theories so here goes let's see how far I can take this :D

Consider 2 equal integers x & y
x - y = 0
x = y .............(1)
x^2 = xy
x^2 - y^2 = xy - y^2
(x-y)(x+y) = y(x-y)
x + y = y
From 1, x = y
y + y = y
2y = y
2 = 1


  1. I think mathematics is very logical and not magical (Jazz)... I believe u manipulated it somewhere in the 4th and 5th line. It's simply mathematical induction; manipulating the equations to get your 'desired' results...

  2. Yes manipulations were carried out but not in any of those lines. My point is: without breaking any mathematical laws I disproved a basic law in mathematics, I can go on & on to show how 1=3=4 .......etc. If these laws are so feeble are we living a lie is my question, or are the laws of mathematics contradicting themselves?

  3. Lol, there is no jazz here. On the fourth line you have the terms (x-y) and since x=y then x-y=0. So at this point its pretty clear your "jazz" simply explores the properties of zero, culminating in the conclusion that zero divided by zero is undefined.

    There are some genuinely jazzy math out there like Kurt Godël's incompleteness theorem but this isn't one of them.

    Your friendly ITK .

  4. Nice one there, I wonder how many ppl never look at it that way, I'm having a closer look at the incompleteness theorem, interesting